Reaching Your Team's Potential
With the Single Wing

In his lifetime, single wing football master coach Ken Keuffel showed football teams how to achieve greatness. Now, through his book, Winning Single Wing Football: A Simplified Guide for the Football Coach, published in 2004, you, too, can learn how to lead your team to victory by applying the philosophies and techniques he has demonstrated in a storied coaching career.

In this book, you won't read about any play or idea Coach Keuffel hasn't tested on the football field. All his tactics are tried and true and presented in such a way that every coach and player can easily understand them.

This concise guide offers:

  • A clear description of single wing offensive play - its history; its advantages
  • Step-by-step approaches to using newer single wing concepts
  • Perspectives on the football coach as master teacher

Note: Special binding allows the coach to photocopy diagrams.

           Check out the best examples in the book on Youtube here